“ Blackjack Horns... They are to horns what Jimi Hendrix was to guitar playing. We use them on everything. So, literally, it should be:- Blackjack Horns... they make hits. ” 

- FutureCut (Tunde Babalola / Darren Lewis) - Producers

“ Working with Nik and Jack has been a fantastic experience. They are true professionals and their understanding of production and the techniques that can be used to help producers puts them leaps and bounds ahead of other session musicians. The parts they recorded for my album and for my production on Tom Felton’s album were brilliantly scored, played and recorded.

I wouldn’t use anyone else! ”

- RØMANS - Sam Roman - Artist

" I'm in Los Angeles and was in a pinch for live brass. I sent Blackjack Horns the parts and stereo instrumental via the internet. They returned a hi-quality recording session of their performance in just a few days, and all I had to do was drop their parts into my Pro Tools session for mixing. The fellas have an excellent vibe and it was pleasure to work with them. "

- Casey 'Schpilkas' Dunmore

“ Thanks to Blackjack Horns for a speedy and efficient service, they provided me with nice, clean, well recorded punchy brass lines which brought the project to life. ”

- Patrick Duffin – TV composer (Loose Women, Come Dine With Me, TV Book Club) 

“ Thrilled with some superb Mariachi trumpet recorded by Jack Birchwood yesterday. Superbly played and turned around very quick! ¡ Andalé ! ” 

- Tim Oliver - TV composer (Downton Abbey, MTV UK Charts, Endeavour)

“ Blackjack Horns - Just what we needed on a fast turn-around project. Glorious brass lines delivered overnight enabling us to continue simultaneous production in our studio. It works!

Thanks Guys. ”

- Soho Square Studios (Alan Coates / Kim Goody) – TV Composers

“ If you want great sounding, transatlantic horns, you’ve got to use Blackjack Horns. I’ve been using them for years now and they are amazing! ”

- Nicky Brown - Producer & Engineer