“What do you need from me (you)?”

Firstly we need a bounce of your track. This can be a rough mix in any audio format.
After that, just let us know what you want us to play on the track. If you have a concrete idea, then great, we can go ahead and record.

If you have played in midi brass to your project, then a useful idea is if you send us the track (minus midi brass) and the midi brass, separately. We can then hear, more clearly, what it is we need to play, saving time.
Just send either a stem of that midi brass, or some manuscript music for us to read, or a stem of any other instrument (or voice) that is playing the parts you want us to replicate with real brass.

If you are unsure of what you want the brass to do, and have a blank canvas for us to fill, we are happy to compose and lend a helping hand with arranging your brass and woodwind. We will work with you to create and harness your ideas.

After that, it’s just a case of identifying the recording specifics. We need to know the sample rate and bit depth of the files we will record in (as a standard we do 24bit at 48kHz, but can increase or decrease sample rate), and what file format you want those files - aiff, wav, or other.

"Are you available to come to my (your) studio?"

Yes, of course we are.
Just bear in mind - we are based in London, UK. Time, travel costs, instrument choice and recording date may then be affected.

“Can we hear it before you send the files?”

Yes you can.
We will do a quick mix of the brass merged with the track. We will then bounce it as a simple medium-quality mp3 audio file and email it straight to you.
If you are happy with the parts, we will then send you the individual stems so you can mix as you wish, or we can mix, eq, compress, add on any reverb, delay or other effect we can offer that suits you.

“How do we receive the recorded files/stems?”

We use wetransfer.com to transfer files quickly, easily, and with no subscription needed.
You will receive an email, and all you have to do is click download.

"Can we get the stems dry?"

Of course.
It's typical for us to send all instruments or individual mic stems separately, dry.
If you are having certain issues with your mix/project/computer then we can mix and group the brass together and send you a stereo mix, suitably compressed and dry.