“Can we hear what you've recorded before you send the finished session?”

Yes you can.
We can do a quick mix for you to hear what we've done. If you have any changes you wish to make, we will be happy to do them for you.

“How do we receive the recorded files/stems?”

We use Wetransfer and Dropbox to transfer files quickly and easily. Please let us know if you have any other preferences regarding this.

“How much do you cost?”

Please get in touch for more information on pricing.

“What do you need to record the track?”

Firstly we need a bounce of your track. This can be a rough mix in any audio format, usually WAV or mp3.
Next, we need to know the instrumentation and parts you want us to play.
If you'd like advice on this please don't hesitate to mention this when you contact us. For a full list of the instruments we play  click here

If you have brass parts/ideas ready for us to record, then we suggest to send us the track as one file (minus brass parts), and the brass parts as another file - audio, midi, or a score if you have it. We can then hear what it is we need to play, clearly, saving time.

If you would like us to arrange the brass parts, or contribute to any existing ideas you have, we are experienced at this and are more than happy to help.

We will work with you to achieve your vision.

If you have any file-type recording specifics, please let us know (e.g. 24bit 44.1kHz Wav or 48KHz etc.)

"Do you add audio effects (like reverb or delay) to the recorded session files'?"

Everything we send is clean and clear for you to mix as you wish. If you would like us to treat the audio stems with effects, we are happy to do that. We can also send a stereo brass mix of our own that we feel would be suitable, for you to reference or drop into your own mix, ready to go.

If you have more specific questions regarding the equipment we use to record, microphone recording techniques or brass mixing suggestions, please include these in your email on our contact page.