Why Use Real Brass?

Nothing beats the sound of real brass. Whilst there maybe plugins galore for replicating strings, drums and other instruments, synthesised brass is never the same as the real thing. You cannot replicate real power, phrasing, style, flair, dynamics, and articulation with synthetic brass. That’s what we do - replace synthesised brass.

The music scene today is difficult. There are cutbacks and cost-cutting where we think it needn't be. This makes recording a project and making it sound great even more difficult. That’s why we wanted to provide this service, thinking that time and money are often enemies of producers and songwriters, and when up against it, they will settle for cheap imitations or none at all. Our studio is here to meet the demands producers and writers face, when under pressure and working within strict deadlines and budgets. We offer an efficient, top-quality and affordable service - whether it’s replacing midi synth brass or arranging and recording brass to suit the track - we rise to the challenge and can help you achieve the results you want. This is an online, remote recording facility, which means we can record at any time, and in our own studio, keeping your studio costs and time down to a minimum.

We have come in to the session scene with this service not to undercut studios or other musicians, but to offer a service that is balanced and can work for everybody.